V.E. Day 75th Anniversary

V.E. Day
ON V.E. Day, Friday May 8th members of Wells City Band , along with many other bands, will stand outside their front doors and play “The Last Post” at 2.55. This will be achieved on different instruments, not just the cornets. We feel this is an important tribute that we want to recognise .
The Band family has keep morale high, with challenges for practicing including playing on Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. We are a diverse group of people of all ages; key workers with the health service, older members self isolating, children not able to get to school, some coping with health issues, one recovering from a stay at Yeovil hospital, so we are a cross section of the community in Wells.
We appreciate the support through emails and phone calls, from our supporters, who are willing us to be ready for an amazing event when we will at last be able to meet.
This quality time at home has given us an opportunity to read the informative book of the history of the band that has been completed by historian Susan Caola. Our book launch has been postponed.
We are finding great comfort in music- we will be ready to share this with you all as soon as possible

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